Sunday, January 15, 2017

meet Helen and Georgia

In this post, you'll get acquainted with two of my best friends, Georgia and Helen. Georgia has been taking my blog pictures since the very beginning, so you've already been introduced to her in some ways. You may recognize Helen from my prom 2016 post.
Helen Maynard
WHAT TO EXPECT: film/ thrifting/ politics/ personal essays
DEFINITIVE FASHION PIECE: I wear mostly statement pieces. Stuff that you can’t wear everyday because it would tire. My favorite would probably be my light blue track suit, like the ones that were really popular (Juicy in particular) during the early 2000s. I can wear it in a preppy way with a crop top and tie the top around my shoulder or go “sporty” with no bra (my go to). It’s an easy way for me to be funky without having to try too hard.
3 OF YOUR FAVORITE THINGS: Watching and talking about “films;" estate sales, the best place for nice clothes at a great price; the Walmart clearance and children’s toy section, specifically the baby dolls that cry and poop
A COUPLE OF SENTENCES ABOUT YOU: I’m a home grown Fayettevillian, with Texan and Californian roots. I wear whatever makes me feel good about myself and try to surround myself with others who do the same (and I return the favor).
SOMETHING RIDICULOUS: The choker trend. I think they’re just all terrible. I think I tie it too closely to my friend’s 5th grade goth phase. Next thing you know Hot Topic will be in style again, and I just don’t have the willpower to watch style fall.
FAVORITE FORM OF SELF EXPRESSION: I think writing right now. Writing is an intimate way that I try to tell my (currently undeveloped and frankly boring) story and my (unsolicited) opinions. I’ve been writing for about five years and currently am writing mainly personal essays. I love to take faint memories from my childhood and insert a message that may not have been there originally. I think even if the message wasn't there to start, by creating the story (and to an extent the memory) it develops more value to me than it ever could have otherwise.
WHAT DOES FASHION MEAN TO YOU? Through fashion I try to show my funky side. My style is inspired by Iris Apfel, and I often hear “I wouldn’t wear it, but it looks good on you.” I don’t follow many fashion rules either. I wear white after Labor Day, I wear two fancies, and I wear velvet in the summer. I just wear whatever I want and feels good in the moment. Style is how I establish my individuality.
WHAT TO EXPECT: photography/ humor/ outdoors
Georgia in Ireland
DEFINITIVE FASHION PIECE: I’m not sure that I have any piece of clothing I immediately picture when thinking of my “style,” but my go-to is my pair of dark-wash, high-waisted GAP skinny jeans. They are comfortable and high-quality, go with everything, and they hold in my tummy in the most comforting way while also slimming me down.
3 OF YOUR FAVORITE THINGS: I love my Birkenstocks, especially with socks. Go ahead and judge me. I think I rock it.
I love my dogs and all other dogs. They are pure and can do nothing evil.
I love London fogs. The lady at my favorite coffee shop even told me she now associates my school uniform with London fogs.
A COUPLE OF SENTENCES ABOUT YOU: I’m more of a dirty hippie than a glamorous fashionista, and I may make cynical jokes too often for my own good. But if you can appreciate someone who can fit a fart joke into an intellectual discussion without skipping a beat, I’m your girl. I’m all about comfort and simplicity, and I hope I can provide the perspective of someone mostly oblivious to trends but inspired by many things nonetheless.
SOMETHING RIDICULOUS: Guides to clothing based on body type. My body doesn’t fit into any one of your definitive shapes or types, and I’m gonna wear what makes me feel good, not what “flatters my figure!” Take that, teen magazines!
GUILTY PLEASURE FOOD: Sea salt and vinegar chips. I’ll eat an entire bag in an hour. My tongue will be destroyed and I’ll be chugging water the whole time, but I’ll do it every time.
FAVORITE FORM OF SELF EXPRESSION: Writing. Hands down. I have no preference of form, but I tend to write a lot of poetry.
WHAT DOES FASHION MEAN TO YOU? To me, fashion is still an uncharted territory I’ve yet to traverse. I feel I have a good sense of what I like, but I’m stuck in the idea that comfort means loss of style (which is obviously false). I’ve spent so long taking photos for Claire and seeing the development of my friends’ styles that I’m excited to use it as another form of self-expression. I want to keep things simple and comfortable but also unique to me and creatively put together.

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