Thursday, July 9, 2015

style evolution

I'm writing this while riding the subway back to Brooklyn because I'm now a true New Yorker who can navigate the city by myself. I can't really navigate the city, but I can get from FIT in Manhattan to my apartment in Williamsburg easily on my own, and I think that’s an accomplishment.  Today I noticed how much my style has been evolving recently. For a while I was focused on the preppy, classic style; then I transitioned into darker colors with edgy details; and now I think it's leaning towards something that's a combination of minimalistic and bohemian. I've been drawn to a lot of more free flowing pieces in lighter colors, and now Chloe is one of my favorite designers. For a while I was almost obsessed with wearing as much black as possible and accumulating an edgy sense of style. I still like a lot of those pieces and continue to take inspiration from them, but now I'm loving loose dresses and floral and wearing all white. It almost shocked me when I put together my magazine cover and mood board for class and saw how light it was. I'm not sure when this change occurred or why it happened, but I have a feeling my whole life will be a series of style changes. I don't think your clothes can entirely convey who you are, but I do think they can embody a taste of what you feel/ how you want to be perceived/ who you are. I do think my mind and heart have changed with my clothing preferences, and that can’t be purely coincidence. I'm so much happier, so much more free inside now. I'm less about wanting to seem tough and less about putting myself and others down. My goal is to radiate positivity and passion, and since I love fashion, I want to reflect that through what I wear. Of course, not everybody who wears all black (I still do sometimes) wants to shut people out, and not everybody in a white dress is an example of kindness (I will never be quite there), but some people do reflect how they feel through their outfits. I think I am one of those people. When I dressed preppy I wasn't fully comfortable with who I was so I sought to fit in, but now I want to display who I am and what I feel. Who I am is constantly changing in so many aspects, and that's something I adore about being alive.



  1. Style changes over time. I used to wear only bold & bright colors & patterns. Now I love to integrate black in there to tone it down. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. This is really thoughtful, Claire. I enjoyed reading it. I'm really excited for you and your experience in NYC.