Monday, August 24, 2015

the met

I expected to continue my posting streak in August, but then junior year started! Adjusting back to a school schedule after this summer has been difficult, especially already juggling class, homework, cross country, clubs, and friends! Once I get the hang of this level of productivity again, you'll be hearing more from me.

I've been back in Fayetteville for a month, but I never got around to doing this post, so here I am! I visited the Met for the second time when I was in New York last month and had one of the best days of my life. We're lucky to have Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, but the Met is a taste of heaven.

Lucky for me, the museum houses nearly twenty of both Van Gogh and Monet's works, my two favorite artists. Seeing those pieces in person is such an experience, and I got emotional. The Met also features enough Impressionism to keep me occupied for days. The Irises and Roses exhibit showcased four of Van Gogh's still life floral paintings and the story behind them, such a stunning highlight.

Another style that catches my style is Hellenistic, particularly the marble statues. I just think there's something so pure about them, and the Met displayed them beautifully.

Much Love,

Monday, August 3, 2015

august playlist

This summer flew by! It definitely doesn't seem like it should be ending, but school starts so soon. This playlist is for enjoying those last moments of summer with your friends or powering through summer assignments that you procrastinated until now. I'll be doing both. Enjoy this playlist and the last few weeks of freedom!
macarons-- my favorite was the chai tea

wonderful spot for buying and selling clothes

pretty cookies at my cousin's wedding shower

arkansas skies

catching up on reading

first glasses ever!

outfit from the other day

much love,