Sunday, January 8, 2017

meet Darcy and Jenna

Like I mentioned last post, Outfits and Observations is evolving into a whole team of cool, creative girls! Today I'm introducing Darcy and Jenna. Get excited for the cool content they'll be publishing! Bailey Lindsey took these photos.
Darcy Olmstead
WHAT TO EXPECT: film/ art/ culture/ criticism
DEFINITIVE FASHION PIECE: A few weeks ago my best friends and I were discussing what we call our “cartoon character uniform”-- that one outfit we wear so often that it’s the only thing others think of when they’re trying to imagine you. Something on the lines of Timmy Turner’s signature red hat and pink t-shirt or Ferb’s fashionable high-waisted purple trousers.  For me, my friends will tell you my uniform always includes this one pair of mustard yellow cargo pants. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not cargo pants in the traditional sense (evoking images of male classmates with their exposed knees, red and chapped in the winter weather) but ankle-length and slim. I love the near androgyny of them (I’ve actually worn them as Richie Tenenbaum for Halloween. It’s the first picture of me on Google, if you’re curious) and how they make me feel like a badass Kim Possible impersonator.
3 OF YOUR FAVORITE THINGS: Coffee ice cream, Boston terriers, and kayaking
ABOUT YOU: I’m an artist, writer, filmmaker, and history nerd. I’m also a bit of a monstrosity because I’m at least three inches taller than all my close girl friends. However, I do love the fact that my weight gain can be stretched out over such a long surface area.  My dream is to be a part of the art world, and museums are my true love. I currently volunteer at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art where I’m president of the Teen Council - so expect many posts from there. Get me talking about art history or design and I won’t shut up. So it comes as no surprise that I plan to specialize in art, film, culture, and criticism here on the blog. Of course I’ll find ways to work in my many other interests (don’t be surprised by a post on Arkansas river trips or my love for Catherine the Great) and fashion will be a must.
SOMETHING RIDICULOUS: The nature of major film awards in this country, especially in regard to minority filmmakers. Literally the only categories ever specifically designated for women are “Best Actress” and “Actress in a Supporting Role.” What about female directors, writers, and musicians? Aren’t they rare enough as it is? Or what about categories for people of color? The fact that we have to have separate categories for these artists to get the recognition they deserve is sad enough (even when they’re obviously better than those who are being represented). Hollywood is ridiculous. I could go on, but I’ll keep this one short. Maybe I’ll turn this into a post of its own in the future?
GUILTY PLEASURE FOOD:  Any fridge leftovers but especially cold rice. Drench that thing in salt and I’m there.
FAVORITE FORM OF SELF EXPRESSION: As of late? Embroidery. I picked it up over Christmas break and I’m obsessed. It’s basically doodling on fabric.
WHAT DOES FASHION MEAN TO YOU? Pure self-expression … mixed with a pinch of humility, aesthetics, and societal norms.
Jenna Blakeman
WHAT TO EXPECT: politics/ feminism/ social commentary/ fashion
DEFINITIVE FASHION PIECE:  Over the past year, I noticed that the ‘90s were making an incredible comeback in fashion. One of the pieces that I clinged onto was the slip dress, which is very definitive of my personal style. My favorite slip dress that I own is a soft pink-purple dress with a small slit on the left side to add shape. It’s a piece that I’m able to carry with me from season to season by layering tops underneath it or throwing an oversized sweater over it. I’m able to incorporate new trends with the slip dress like sheer tops, bomber jackets, and sneakers. I can’t financially afford to never wear the same thing twice, nor do I want to, but I can creatively afford to use the same staple dress and create new outfits out of it. The slip dress is also very definitive of me because it includes my favorite dress and skirt length- the midi. The midi length to me is a bold fashion statement that makes your outfit go from something normalized to something unique. You are able to access so much creativity and fashion history with just a few more inches to your skirt or dress.
3 OF YOUR FAVORITE THINGS: debate, documentaries, John Mulaney
ABOUT YOU: I grasped onto politics from a very early age of seven when I dressed up as Abraham Lincoln for Halloween. I had a very naive understanding of American politics at that point and idolized Lincoln for his efforts towards abolishing slavery. Of course, there is so much more to the story, and my suburban elementary school in Arkansas gave us the most heroic depiction of white politicians at the time, but it was one of the first memories I have of feeling empowered, inspired, and passionate about social justice and equality. Around this same time, I got in a fight with my mother in a Walmart for not buying me a plastic placemat that had the 43 presidents of the United States on it. I wanted it so badly so I could study all of the white men on it and figure out how to get my face on one of those. I willingly stared at it for the duration of our grocery shopping trip and never saw someone who looked like me on it, so I desperately searched for any similarities I had with them, and I discovered that I share a birthday with Herbert Hoover.
SOMETHING RIDICULOUS: Until I lived for a decade, my favorite movie was “The Wedding Singer” with Adam Sandler.
GUILTY PLEASURE FOOD: Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked. I will eat an entire pint by myself.
FAVORITE FORM OF SELF EXPRESSION: Modeling. It’s not something I could ever pursue as a career, nor do I think it’s one of my strengths, but I like the way I feel when I’m doing it. I enjoy being around photography, unfortunately I don’t know as much as I would like to about the art. With modeling, I’m able to see a vision come to life. I’m able to express my femininity through modeling as well as my sense of style and fashion. It’s an underappreciated outlet for creativity.
WHAT DOES FASHION MEAN TO YOU? Feminism. Gender is performative, and generally those who perform their gender the best, are more accepted and more likely to avoid scrutiny. The idea of gender equality is manifested in the ability for all people to express themselves freely, and feminism is capable of completely deconstructing the status quo where females are expected to wear one thing, and males are expected to wear another. Fashion is an outlet I use to communicate themes of feminism by turning gender stereotypes on themselves by using elements of men’s fashion and incorporating them in women’s fashion and vice-versa. It means expressing my individuality as a person regardless of if my outfit meets the social standards imposed on me or not.  Fashion means having the autonomy to express myself candidly through clothes.

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