Thursday, October 6, 2016

a poem

Today is National Poetry Day, and I'm celebrating it by reading Sylvia Plath and sharing one of my own poems! This is something I've never done because it seems like such a vulnerable and scary act, but I'm going for it.

This poem is constructed out of various fragments I wrote in the spring, when I was in the process of overcoming mental blocks and taking ownership of myself. I hope you enjoy.

I used to revel in the signs you showed me

Now I find solace in Becoming
Cool and Collected
you don’t have a say
in me
you don’t get to hold me
or have a Hold on me

It’s magnificent to Bloom
to stretch out arms and legs
Reaching in the soft lush grass
my fingers out, the sun Drenching me

I think it just rained

I’m becoming a force
Larger than one life, a whole garden
it doesn’t involve you
I won’t wither and die when you forget to water me

It could just be that it never was
but I want to possess it all, to
not forget
the roses of my prolonged Adoration
to not toss them in the dumpster without a
second thought
I gave a lot of second thoughts
to you

To experience evolution is not to erase,
but to Shift and to Grow and to
what once was, to aid the future’s painful Birth
to focus on Cultivation instead of tending to
dead crops-- planting new seeds and

cooing in Awe!

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  1. I love Sylvia Plath and I will forever be saddened that she did not write more for the world to read! Her journals are amazing though :)
    xx Annie