Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Portland part two

In my last post, I wrote about the first half of my Spring Break trip to Portland, so I couldn't leave you guys hanging on the second half! It was equally wonderful and full of distinctly Portland-y adventures.

On Saturday morning we ventured out to the Portland Saturday Market, a sprawling group of vendors selling various handmade items. We also stopped for the famous Voodoo Donuts because that seemed to be everybody's number one recommendation for the trip. I certainly wasn't disappointed, though I was shocked when a homeless man mooned us during our breakfast. I was informed that's not a typical part of the experience. The sun was shining that day so we soaked it in and walked down the river front.
Sunday was my favorite day by far! It began with a visit to the Portland Art Museum, which had a captivating modern art showcase and a few Monets and Van Goghs, which you guys know I'm a fan of. There was also an incredible exhibit called Ride, focusing on Paige Powell's photography and life/ culture in the Andy Warhol era. Then I met up with Allison and Marian (my fantastic cowriter at ZCM) and they took me on a full day of surprise adventures! I got to try out an authentic Mexican food truck, play around at a nickel arcade, and eat at their favorite diner with the BEST milkshakes. We ended the night with watching Stuck in Love, one of my all time favorite movies, projected onto Allison's wall.

Now that I'm writing about Monday, I'm not sure which day was my actual favorite. After we woke up we headed downtown to have breakfast and coffee at Case Study. I finally got a taste of "real" Portland weather (drizzly rain). We decided to see Radiation City's show at Skype Live Lounge, and I fell in love with them during their quick set. Please check them out because they have wonderful music and phenomenal passion. It was only two and all of this had happened, but then we went to a MAGAZINE STORE! There were rows and rows of titles I'd never even seen before, pure bliss. Because of the rain, we finished off the day with some shopping, and I found my prom dress at Nordstrom! I mentioned last post that the first day of the trip was one of my best "first days of vacation," and this was also one of my best last days of vacation.
We had to fly out early Tuesday morning, but I had a perfect vacation to reminisce on and edit pictures from. In that short time I fell in love with Portland, and I can absolutely see myself there in the future.

much love,

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