Sunday, March 15, 2015

spring patterns

{free people cardigan viaamerican eagle dressdoc martens}

In Free People ads and other bohemian outfits, you'll always see layered looks with multiple patterns, and that's one of my favorite things. The key is to mix more understated patterns and colors to avoid a loud, obnoxious look.

For this outfit, I maintained a palette of cooler, more subdued colors. The long cardigan is navy with white stripes; the dress is a maroon paisley print; my docs are grey patent leather. I filled in my brows extra to give the outfit even more of a Suki Waterhouse vibe. I thought the three mixed really well, and I was thankful for this nice day to shoot. The weather is finally getting pretty again!!

I probably will not be posting again until after spring break. I'm going on a trip to France and Italy, so expect posts on that in a few weeks!

{pictures by the wonderful Georgia}

what are you doing for spring break?